The 1st European Workshop on Metal Phosphonates Chemistry – Materials for Energy Applications and Beyond is a one-day, free to attend event that will be hosted at the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University on the 19th of September, 2018.

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The scope of the Workshop is to bring together for the first time researchers from across Europe working in the field of metal phosphonates to discuss about the latest advancements and future directions and foster new collaborations within the community.

The scientific program consists of three keynote lectures and five invited lectures covering a broad range of topics, such as synthesis, advanced methods for characterisation, porous materials, molecular magnetic compounds, energy storage and heterogeneous catalysis (see Speakers section for additional information).

Dr Marco Taddei (marco.taddei@swansea.ac.uk)
Prof Andrew R. Barron (a.r.barron@swansea.ac.uk)
Dr Enrico Andreoli (e.andreoli@swansea.ac.uk)


Joint Special Issue of Crystals

The open-access journal Crystals, published by MDPI and sponsor of the Workshop, will host a Special Issue dedicated to metal phosphonates and phosphinates, guest edited by Dr Ferdinando Costantino and Dr Marco Taddei.

Submission of original research papers or reviews to this Special Issue of Crystals is open for both participants of the Workshop and other researchers working in the field of metal phosphonates and phosphinates.

Deadline for submission is April, 30 2019.